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Monthly Archives: January 2010


I know you

glorious angel

like electric music

is shimmering white green red purple black blue

I am about to suffer

the psychedelic joy of death

a will of wild passion

soon on my dead smoke

never free like you

radarkontroll 2000




I sit

in the bus


my multiple reflections

nodding back at me

and following

my eyes’ journey out of the window

the sun looks like a hot ripe orange

melting away the foggy bedclothes of night

leafless trees rush past the window

only sometimes

some of the blackbirds are keeping up with me

in the bus

the air is stale

and damp

a harsh cough cuts the tight strings of silence

and draws my eyes back to my

instant opposite.

radarkontroll 1996

I am just a voice in the crowd, not even loud,
but after all I’m proud to be alive and to tell you

That I’m the King of Hearts, the President of Love and the Prince of Depression.

I see things that other people don’t see.

I feel things that other people don’t dare to feel.

I think things that other people cannot think.

the man in the radio was talking to me

political consequences in the long run

people are poor

the streets are burned by military

if you allow us to take control, this is the future

don’t you worry

radarkontroll 2001

The water continued dripping from the ceiling. Somebody must have been taking a shower and forgot to switch on the pump. The candle was flickering when he moved a bit further towards me.

>> I am the end.<<

I nodded slightly.

>> I came straight from the swamplands, so I’m not precisely prepared for this.<<

I flinched a smile >> Well, nobody expected something like that to happen, so don’t worry. We can only hope to do our best<< I leaned back and took a deep breath, for a second enjoying the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the insulated mug in my hand. I could see that his eyes tried to adjust to the dim light that left my face in the dark.

The comforting silence was interrupted by a little cough before my partner in crime addressed the newly arrived >>Welcome, since we haven’t met … They call me Chestnut and I was raised in the Hill of Thorns.<<

radarkontroll 2006