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Monthly Archives: February 2010


noise –
get up!
very tired.
move fast,
under pressure,
cold water,
rapid coffee.

enter the artificial cosmos,
enter the battle –
fight for a seat.

inhaling tons of paperdust.

listen write listen write listen listen write listen write write listen write listen boredom.
nervously smoking.
small talk.

same procedure as before.

fast fast fat fat fast food. still hungry. no money.

same procedure as before.

carrying a library, becoming a reading machine.

similar procedure as before, slow.


move back to small chaotic hole in the wall.
eat machine food in front of a shivering square of light.
fingers glued to tiny plastic letters.

finally entering DREAMLAND.

radarkontroll 1997


This is my ego-trip. No more, no less.

Letting go of random, mostly private thoughts running in circles through my head. Thoughts I wish to drown in booze or space-cookies for a while, mere memories, hopes and dreams.

Worries, maybe – and I worry a lot more than most people might think I do, or more than I want most people to believe at least. When the dark moods take over, I like to hide from the world, not looking into anybody’s face, not even my own.

radarkontroll 2006


gleaming across the sand

the ocean, my lover,

clad in fog’s nightgown

whispers delightful

crawling upon my toes

he’s telling me life.

Gently floating, I lay

down to sleep

to be carried away

in a nutshell of dreams.

I am unafraid because

my cat-friend travels

with me.

radarkontroll 1997

>>So this is the note to Peter Stone? Then read it.<<

>>Whatever burns.

After sliding a razor’s edge over dangerously bowing palms, I was stepping into marble halls, the outside-world being an oven. Then facing nature’s air-force, each single hair seems to be blasted away.

After shapeless waiting, Tybalt finally arrived, taking us through lunatic lunar landscapes in his star-ship.

Far ahead the crystal waters were shifting from fluid lapis-lazuli to quicksilver, bound to the sun’s path.

Then, late at night, Jarvis’ words were extinguished, because the language of the deep is more powerful – this ancient music will survive mankind, instantly telling stories to the ones who are not afraid to listen.

The water cleaned my brain and left my body behind, dangling in the wind. Immortal eternity, free from scales of time, except for the movements of the stars.

It always heals my heart from any pain it ever suffered. A bliss of a second and I’m gone again.<<

He sighed, folded the shattered piece of paper and handed it to me.

radarkontroll 1997