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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Do you know the feeling when life seems to be a game

where everyone knows the rules

but they forgot to tell you?

Do you know those days when you feel like crying but you can’t, because the air is a thick syrup slowing down your head?

It’s like no one seems to care and

no smile will reach you.

When all you want is to rest in the arms of a loved oneĀ  – who’s not there.

You want to play by the rules

you don’t understand

some you don’t know

because there is no place

you might fight

no society you can

attach to

The mould you won’t fit in

the numbers that won’t work for you

You see your face

but you look away

your body hurts because

it doesn’t want to belong to you.

Your hope was to stop somewhere nice, but there is no way back.

There is no rest

driven by an aimless force

longing, longing for a time

to be, just be

with an easy mind and

a floating body

with a warm touch

of understanding.

A place safe from worries

and doubt, souldestructing doubt.

Where is the you

if there is no me?

radarkontroll 2006