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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Things I like about you

I like looking into your eyes, your eyes

Leaning on your shoulder feeling safe and warm

Falling asleep in your embrace, waking up watching your face

I enjoy to walk by your side and watch the world go by

Listening to your voice when you hum a tune

The way your body moves when you’re dancing slow

The way you tenderly hold my hand when we cross the street

Your stern look on your face when we watch the ocean

So full of fire while carrying the depth of the universe

The way you think and question things in our world

radarkontroll undated


<< JeĀ  ne regrette rien! >> and I won’t resent even if my heart should break.

radarkontroll 1996


Trapped in space and time

I remember a friend of mine

Whose heart was made of gold

But he was killed and his heart was sold.

So anytime and anyhwere

To sun and moon and stars I swear

That if I find a friend again

I shouldn’t love like I loved him.

‘Cause in the night he died

I crushed in pain and died

My heart was tossed to break

And I begged for his sake…

Pity him, pity him, my beloved friend

His heart was of Gold but forever

He went to darkness in heaven

And I’m lost in the end.

radarkontroll 1997