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Monthly Archives: September 2010


love? love.

maybe? feels like

being together.

-nice, nice.

but well, the risk of..


of what I ask you,

losing yourself?

bit anxious.

but why? I

don’t get you.

neither do I. silly,

isn’t it?

yeah, sort of.

I don’t know, I mean,

I don’t wanna lose a

friend if it’s no good

at all.

or in the end.

you’re thinking of the

end before you’ve

even begun?

no, no,

the loss might be

even greater

if you will never

work it out!


come on! you should

have learned by now…

no, but maybe…

and what about love?

radarkontroll 1998



caged I feel

struggling with wrong tempers


they’ve blown away the freedom

happiness is called my liberty

if liberty is true

was weisst du schon vom leben

says my mind

krieg im kopf

says chuck

but what’s reality?

what do I know at all?

where is the sense?


and again I feel lost.

my cosmic world gets emptied

because of my insecurity

shrinks to a hollow oddment of

my personality.                          phony, phony!

personality – is there any?

desperation fuddles my soul, my spirit, my entire state of being –

future phobia

nostalgia      longing     for the times we had,

but there is no autoreverse

no turning back

and reliving

makes me feel old.

again fear! life passes too fast!

erfülltes leben!

I cry out over and over again.

over all

I miss you. though knowing that you might not even be the one I believe you to be.

less perfect.

desire for prefection seems to be human nature. how strange.

all I want now

is riding on the wave of freedom.

maybe then happiness will get me satisfaction

no fear of tomorrow

but too many people

many many many

are crawling on this planet’s face

like me

and you.

though selfdestruction leads us nowhere

we keep going on. so    do       I?

live to work and work to live and eat and drink to live to work to eat and drink to live to work – what for?

the world would be a better place


the human race!

oh liberty!

radarkontroll 1996