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Category Archives: ego


Things I like about you

I like looking into your eyes, your eyes

Leaning on your shoulder feeling safe and warm

Falling asleep in your embrace, waking up watching your face

I enjoy to walk by your side and watch the world go by

Listening to your voice when you hum a tune

The way your body moves when you’re dancing slow

The way you tenderly hold my hand when we cross the street

Your stern look on your face when we watch the ocean

So full of fire while carrying the depth of the universe

The way you think and question things in our world

radarkontroll undated


deep green wood

open up pictures

never through dust in me

impression of death

I feel old but try


so why feel blue?

radarkontroll 2001

This is my ego-trip. No more, no less.

Letting go of random, mostly private thoughts running in circles through my head. Thoughts I wish to drown in booze or space-cookies for a while, mere memories, hopes and dreams.

Worries, maybe – and I worry a lot more than most people might think I do, or more than I want most people to believe at least. When the dark moods take over, I like to hide from the world, not looking into anybody’s face, not even my own.

radarkontroll 2006

I am just a voice in the crowd, not even loud,
but after all I’m proud to be alive and to tell you

That I’m the King of Hearts, the President of Love and the Prince of Depression.

I see things that other people don’t see.

I feel things that other people don’t dare to feel.

I think things that other people cannot think.

I watch, I listen, I read, I feel, I think.