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Category Archives: fragment

>>But hey, my dad works hard on self-destruction with alcohol and nicotine, by now also random driving, my mother is just a panopticon of personality disorders blended with neurotic traits, so why should I worry?<<


radarkontroll 2010


the face of northland echoes in my brain endlessly longing

radarkontroll 2000

<< JeĀ  ne regrette rien! >> and I won’t resent even if my heart should break.

radarkontroll 1996

But I know that you are there feeling lonely though I care so much about you because you are the one you are simply said but that’s how it is, no more no less.

radarkontroll undated

I want to show you the ecstasy I want to take you where my phantasy grows and the blue of the sky is made – feel like heaven

radarkontroll 1993

twisting and turning reality so it fits to the letters that they can believe keep on yearning insanity no matter how right you are you still bring that grief – how long has it been this way for how long I don’t know and how long how long don’t you know?

radarkontroll undated

is the fresh blood you’re waiting for the kill in your head, wrapping darkness around you?

radarkontroll 2008

white horses in the black sky

are flying swiftly while looking down at us

Like Warhol is telling this song, Opel is selling a car.

She can barely see the TV and it’s a clear bright light.

This is my ego-trip. No more, no less.

Letting go of random, mostly private thoughts running in circles through my head. Thoughts I wish to drown in booze or space-cookies for a while, mere memories, hopes and dreams.

Worries, maybe – and I worry a lot more than most people might think I do, or more than I want most people to believe at least. When the dark moods take over, I like to hide from the world, not looking into anybody’s face, not even my own.

radarkontroll 2006