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Here comes the sun
it must have been a long time
my eyes hurt
but it’s nice
freedom, mindblowing freedom
escaping the dullness of routines
of being stuck in between people ruled by their habits
same same same on and on numb
never sheding a single thought
a single doubt about what they do
or why
easy dullness
being stuffed with food from the labs
with emptiness from the TV-screen
the flashing colours and the noise covering the void.
It hurts to ask
„who am I?“
But only asking will take you away
from the zombies that haunt your empty hours
I am here
to be your wake-up call.



radarkontroll 2010


2011. May it be a good one for you.


I call the place

where I feel safe

peace rules

I am on my own

and turn the music up

I rest while painting

the pictures on my mind

my bed invites me

surrounded by friendly books

that tell me their stories

home is

where the sky is blue

where happiness

is in the air

and my friends

spend their time with me.

radarkontroll 1994


love? love.

maybe? feels like

being together.

-nice, nice.

but well, the risk of..


of what I ask you,

losing yourself?

bit anxious.

but why? I

don’t get you.

neither do I. silly,

isn’t it?

yeah, sort of.

I don’t know, I mean,

I don’t wanna lose a

friend if it’s no good

at all.

or in the end.

you’re thinking of the

end before you’ve

even begun?

no, no,

the loss might be

even greater

if you will never

work it out!


come on! you should

have learned by now…

no, but maybe…

and what about love?

radarkontroll 1998


caged I feel

struggling with wrong tempers


they’ve blown away the freedom

happiness is called my liberty

if liberty is true

was weisst du schon vom leben

says my mind

krieg im kopf

says chuck

but what’s reality?

what do I know at all?

where is the sense?


and again I feel lost.

my cosmic world gets emptied

because of my insecurity

shrinks to a hollow oddment of

my personality.                          phony, phony!

personality – is there any?

desperation fuddles my soul, my spirit, my entire state of being –

future phobia

nostalgia      longing     for the times we had,

but there is no autoreverse

no turning back

and reliving

makes me feel old.

again fear! life passes too fast!

erfülltes leben!

I cry out over and over again.

over all

I miss you. though knowing that you might not even be the one I believe you to be.

less perfect.

desire for prefection seems to be human nature. how strange.

all I want now

is riding on the wave of freedom.

maybe then happiness will get me satisfaction

no fear of tomorrow

but too many people

many many many

are crawling on this planet’s face

like me

and you.

though selfdestruction leads us nowhere

we keep going on. so    do       I?

live to work and work to live and eat and drink to live to work to eat and drink to live to work – what for?

the world would be a better place


the human race!

oh liberty!

radarkontroll 1996


Trapped in space and time

I remember a friend of mine

Whose heart was made of gold

But he was killed and his heart was sold.

So anytime and anyhwere

To sun and moon and stars I swear

That if I find a friend again

I shouldn’t love like I loved him.

‘Cause in the night he died

I crushed in pain and died

My heart was tossed to break

And I begged for his sake…

Pity him, pity him, my beloved friend

His heart was of Gold but forever

He went to darkness in heaven

And I’m lost in the end.

radarkontroll 1997

I am your lover’s lover, sweetie
Sorry I wasn’t told about you
I am your lover’s lover, sugar,
The truth comes shining through
And as your lover’s lover, girl
I didn’t mean to hurt you,
No, I didn’t mean to do that to you.

radarkontroll 2007

Do you know the feeling when life seems to be a game

where everyone knows the rules

but they forgot to tell you?

Do you know those days when you feel like crying but you can’t, because the air is a thick syrup slowing down your head?

It’s like no one seems to care and

no smile will reach you.

When all you want is to rest in the arms of a loved one  – who’s not there.

You want to play by the rules

you don’t understand

some you don’t know

because there is no place

you might fight

no society you can

attach to

The mould you won’t fit in

the numbers that won’t work for you

You see your face

but you look away

your body hurts because

it doesn’t want to belong to you.

Your hope was to stop somewhere nice, but there is no way back.

There is no rest

driven by an aimless force

longing, longing for a time

to be, just be

with an easy mind and

a floating body

with a warm touch

of understanding.

A place safe from worries

and doubt, souldestructing doubt.

Where is the you

if there is no me?

radarkontroll 2006

there is a cigarette on the concrete

some ink for this experiment

as we always investigate in thinking

and give best latex to nudist junk models

soft smoke which would approach us no more

then our glasses did sculpt an empty scream

and  I could observe his absurd aestheticism

he is young, glorious, wild and full of purple passion

but my grace appeared from above

when she said come

almost drunk

radarkontroll 2001



learn cry laugh grow create destroy lose perceive


but forever love

radarkontroll 1996